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Dynamics of the Self

The fast, easy path to the 
life you choose to experience.

Dynamics of the Self - Louis Eagle Warrior




Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps

Dramatically increase the odds of you
being a winner at the craps table.

Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps - Louis Eagle Warrior

Dynamics of the Self - The Ultmate Path & Guide to Self-Improvement

Dynamics of the Self is the easiest, most straight forward path to
self enlightenment and altering your life

  • Achieve wealth and abundance
  • Attract ideal relationships
  • Enjoy radiant health
  • Work in the career of your choice
  • Live the life of your dreams
  • Have peace of mind


Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps - The quick path to winning at the craps table

You Will Learn:

  • An easy guide to unravel any mystery as to how craps is played
  • Which bets you are never to make
  • The high percentage bets you should make
  • Methods for actually influencing the dice to do what you want them to do
  • Managing your dollars so that you always walk away from the tables with  money
  • How to enhance your chances of winning over at least 90 per cent of everyone else at the craps table