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Dynamics of the Self

The fast, easy path to the 
life you choose to experience.

Dynamics of the Self - Louis Eagle Warrior




Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps

Dramatically increase the odds of you
being a winner at the craps table.

Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps - Louis Eagle Warrior

Casino Gambling - Craps

Casino Gambling

“When I go to a casino, I figure how much I have to lose and that’s what I take for gambling.” With that doomed from the start mindset and declaration, why bother?!? “But it’s fun”, is a usual response, “and who knows, I may get lucky and hit the jackpot”.

Be A Winner in Life


Self-help continues its boom as a billion dollar industry. Its teachings, or so-called secrets, have remained intact and span centuries tracing to Ancient China, through the periods of Classical Greece, through the so-called biblical era to the present proliferation. Only the presentations change.

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